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A virtual reality studio

Redstone Studios was a virtual reality filmmaking collective. We are no longer active, and this site remains for historical purposes only.


Oh Deer!

Experience what a deer hunt is like — from the perspective of the deer. Oh Deer! is directed by Peter Pontikis and is the first VR film funded by the Swedish Film Institute.

All Saints' Day

Visit a graveyard and remember someone you love. Produced for the Swedish Church and viewed more than 100 000 times.

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The Room

“The Room” is a short horror experience taking place in a basement. It is the first movie in 360 and full 3D ever produced in Sweden. It received coverage both on the evening news and in several major newspapers.

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Sunday Rehearsal

Join two of the members of the Danish band Birds Happen in an intimate rehearsal session in Copenhagen.

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Cats in Space

Who doesn't like cats? And who doesn't like space? Clearly, someone had to make a movie about cats in space. That someone is us.

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Live with Tensta Gospel Choir

Sweden's legendary Tensta Gospel Choir performs live in Skeppsholmskyrkan.

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